Matt Dabrowski
Based in Los Angeles, CA

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March 27


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Streets Of Rogue



Ahoy. I'm Matt. I makes games. Suuuup?


Matt has been developing indie games since the dark ages of indie gaming. A lifelong fan of all things game-related, Matt began his game development career at the tender age of 8 using crude and limited software. As a young teen, he began releasing his first games online to an actual audience. Written for Epic Games’s most notable work, "ZZT", Matt's most popular game was a ridiculous fast-food restaurant simulation, "Burger Joint". His next foray into game dev came in the form of the post-apocalyptic comedy graphic adventure "AfterShocked!", with development spanning his high-school career. While in college, Matt created a tribute to Another World and cheesy full-motion video games known as "Between Heaven and Hell". Post-college, Matt contributed to "World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade" and "SimCity Societies" before bad luck and changing economic times forced him to bow out of the industry. However, he eventually found himself unable to stay away from his true passion. Matt has recently returned to the indie games scene -- back with the fire of at least 1,000 suns.



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